Advanced Simple Tools for Kitchen Safety

Getting around the kitchen in general is not as easy as once it was, nor is manipulating all of the essentials within it. Kitchen safety is of the very utmost importance for those living independently who may have trouble ambulating, gripping—performing tasks that were once effortless and not of any level of concern.

That is where we at Ablemart can help—providing a seemingly endless bounty of wares designed to make all aspects of independent living for loved ones advanced in age (and any potential caretakers thereof) a bit easier. Our kitchen safety products all in one way or another help to alleviate difficulties.

When it comes to kitchen safety, we offer a range of practical products that provide for an easier go within the kitchen.

Take a look at some of what we offer below:

  • Trivets:

-Magnetic Trivet: Harnessing the strength of three magnets, your trivet stays in its right place—when your pot moves, the trivet moves with it! Magnetic feature works with any pot made of magnetic material. A high heat-resistant material product, these trivets stay cool even under hot pots. A sturdy construction can easily carry the weight of heavy loads; the magnetic aspect of these trivets will work with steel, enamel-on-cast iron and induction cookware.

-Silicone Trivet: A set of three silicone trivets (small, medium and large), they double as pot holders that store with ease, fitting together. With the ability to handle temperatures up to 480°F, these waterproof, stain-resistant, easy to clean and dishwasher safe trivets bring kitchen safety to a whole new level!

-Our cool grippers can grab hold of the sides of a hot pot or dish from the oven, eliminating the hassles of a thick oven mitt. The rubber tipped grips help to protect your cookware, as well as your hands.

-These oven mitts have won awards for their design. They offer better levels of comfort, protection and softness (they even come equipped with a removable cotton lining). Boasting a non-slip grip and ample flexibility, these water-proof oven mitts fit either hand. They do not stain nor blacken and can withstand a substantial amount of heat. The “sleeve” is extra long, giving your forearms added protection as you reach into ovens, even grills!

  • And so much more!

These items help keep heat at bay, giving it places to stay, away from your arms and hands. They make grabbing and stowing easier, just simple things that help your loved one living independently.

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