Helping Your Loved One Live Independently

As our loved ones age, what once were menial tasks can now be difficult for them to perform. We are a company that sells a bounty of assistive devices that are designed and intended to make life easier in all encountered activities of daily living. These assistive devices can greatly enhance independent living for your loved one. See below for a quick run through on the basic types of assistive devices we offer and the general functionality of them:

  • Bathroom: These types of assistive devices can make bathing and toileting easier and safer. They range from adjustable shower chairs and seats to scrubbers, foot lifters, hair washers and more. You can make the entire bathroom less slippery, more balanced (items to grab onto, to establish balance) and altogether more independent living friendly. 
  • Bedroom: Designed with the thought of a safer bedroom for the purposes of easily maintaining an independent living lifestyle, these assistive devices run the gamut from organizers, racks, reading lamps, magnifiers, pill organizers, bed rails, bed loungers and more. They bring comfort and order while making the bedroom a less perilous place in which to operate. 
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is an area that can be particularly challenging as we age. Kitchen aids are assistive devices that can help with cooking and food preparation, in addition to eating and drinking. Our kitchen aid assistive devices include scissors, jar openers, tongs, knives, pizza cutters and much more. All of these kitchen tools are specially designed to make kitchen tasks easier for the disabled, elderly and other people who need a bit of a helping hand in the kitchen.
  • Mobility: Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and various accessories like safety lights and transfer aids make up our mobility assistive device products. With independent living in mind, these items are used to help people ambulate one way or another, enabling hassle-free point A to point B movement. The type of mobility aid a person uses depends on their ability to move around on their own, as well as a few other factors.

There are many different types of assistive devices that aid in the goal of independent living. The prime commonality between all of these products is that they are designed to make life easier, safer and more comfortable. Assistive devices can really enhance your loved one’s life and make getting around and doing basic tasks much easier and more enjoyable, keeping dreams of independent living alive for those advanced in age.

If you have further questions about independent living, or if you are interested in ordering some assistive devices, browse our website, call  AbleMart at 844-346-2253 or Contact Us.

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