Keep it Moving with our Home Safety Checklist

Getting older is no fun. While we may hang on to all of our marbles, the inevitable decline of our aged bodies is unavoidable, regardless of one’s health levels throughout life. As such, AbleMart aims to assist the aging loved ones around us live as independently as is possible. To pull off sustained well-being in a safe manner, it is likely that the home of our elder in question will likely have to go through some level of modification. Utilizing even the simplest of household wares can pose serious safety hazards for senior adults.

Ablemart has provided a home safety checklist to help ensure that you and/or yours can assess the risks involved in independent living as well as potential solutions to aid in making the stay at home effort a positive experience. With so many different rooms in one house, our checklist(s) have been broken down by room, offering issues potentially encountered within each room.



  • Clutter and Space: Is clutter in the pathway eliminating ease of ambulation?
  • Furniture Stability: Is any furniture rickety or in need of securing?
  • Chairs: Can the senior get in and out of chairs without difficulty?
  • Lighting: Is there adequate lighting for navigating pathways?
  • Light switch accessibility: Too high, too low?
  • Tripping hazards: Do rugs, cords allow for the potential of tripping?
  • Temperature (of room): Too high, too low?
  • Window glare: Does a window glare exist to create vision issues during daylight hours?
  • Handrails on steps: Do they exist at the proper height for the senior in need?



  • Phone access: Is there a reachable phone at all hours?
  • Bed height: Too high, too low?
  • Electrical cords: Are pathways obstructed by their presence?



  • Grab bars at tub, shower and toilet: Do they exist where they should?
  • Slippery tub or bathroom floor: Any “grip” type taping for ease of footing?
  • Bathtub height: Too high, too low?
  • Toilet: Too high, too low?
  • Proper medication storage: Too high, too low?



  • Cabinets: Too high, too low?
  • Countertop clutter: Is stuff all over the place, making individual items hard to place?
  • Are chemicals and cleaning materials secured: Are they locked away, if need be?
  • Spoiled food in the fridge: If there is any, is the senior at risk of consuming it?
  • Sharp cutlery and utensils: Are these secured and away from a senior who would be at risk?

At AbleMart, we sell numerous items to help overcome the obstacles found on our home safety checklist, allowing your loved one live independently. Please Browse Our Site to see all we have to offer. If you have additional questions, feel free to give us a call at 844-346-2253 or you can Contact Us.

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