May Kitchen Safety Bring Holiday Cheer

The kitchen is filled with myriad ways to potentially injure yourself, if you find yourself having difficulty getting around in general. With the holidays rapidly approaching, there are a number of steps that can be taken (or products that can be pursued) to make life easier, boosting kitchen safety in your Allentown area home. It may be within your interest to look into adding some products that will help enhance the lives of loved ones in need, as well as make some adjustments. So, if you have mobility issues or you just need some extra help around the house, there are plenty of assistive devices and products available from AbleMart that will give you the added help you seek to make life easier. Take a look at some of the tips that will help improve kitchen safety in your home this holiday season, below.

Be mindful of the potential that throw rugs can cause someone with ambulatory issues. A throw rug without some sort of slip guard underneath it offers huge potential for slipping. Non-slip pads can make the difference between injury or none. They are worth the investment, even for those not experiencing issues in getting around. If kids will be in the home around the holidays, they too, in more rambunctious moments can go flying with a loose-laid rug.

Kitchen Safety in AllentownAre electrical cords or other items that get in the way in your path? Do any cords lie across a counter to create a potential fire hazard? If so, put these bits of cordage on lockdown—cover them, attach them to the wall, etc. On this end also, should flammable liquids be found in the kitchen, store them elsewhere, like in your garage or shed. These are all items that should be kept out of the reach of kids anyway, do the right thing here.

If you store medications in your kitchen, think about moving them to your bathroom or bedroom. Holiday season here, should you be entertaining family, you will want to ensure that these medications are kept out of the reach of small children.

Set up the equivalent of a night light in your kitchen. You may simply keep a light always on there or find any number of the many that are on the market today for this purpose. Motion sensor or overhead lights that kick on when you enter or turn off the standard kitchen light do indeed exist and can be a useful tool to enhance kitchen safety.

The utensils and other kitchen items in your home are likely of a standard variety. Have you thought about going in a more ergonomic direction? Many kitchen safety products are out there that are designed for those with grip and/or mobility issues. Without skipping a beat, the kitchen experience can be greatly enhanced by ergonomic devices that can keep you baking and cooking by implementing the tools that will work with you, rather than serve as mere blunt instruments that you have to manipulate into action. AbleMart carries a wide variety of products that help with cutting, eating, preparing food and more. Performing kitchen tasks with the kids who may be present around the holidays will be enhanced in the form of ergonomic utensils, boosting for them also, the ability to let the tools do the work, rather than their tiny muscles.

With just a few small changes and improvements, you can really enhance kitchen safety in your home, making it easier and even more fun to cook, bake and do other activities!

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