Mobility Products as Part of a Fall Prevention Plan

Falling and maintaining mobility are of paramount importance to all of us as we age. Support from devices existing beyond our own bodies that become extensions of them go a long way in the aims of overall fall prevention. Ablemart specializes in mobility products and assistive devices for our aging loved ones to help eliminate the risks of slips, trips and falls in the home and abroad.

We are frequently questioned about fall prevention devices and so we thought it wise to take a little bit of time to define the basic types of assistive devices we carry and their associated functions. These devices will act as great support in an overall plan of fall prevention.


Shower ChairThe bathroom presents a set of special challenges within the home. The bathtub, toilet and sink all provide opportunity for one of unsteady gait to fall down and risk injury or worse. Assistive devices of this variety are designed to make using the tub or toilet less risky. They range from big items like adjustable shower chairs and seats to small items like foot lifters and more. They make your bathroom so much easier to navigate.

 81067-cane_250-amart-fallprev1Mobility Aids

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes and other ambulatory devices are a great means of fall prevention. They can be utilized as a means of getting you safely to your next destination. The mobility aid of choice comes down to a person’s individual preference as a best choice in fall prevention.

 As you can see from this very brief overview of assistive devices in a fall prevention plan, there are many different types and they all have many different functions. But the main similarity between all of them is that they are fully designed to make life easier, safer and more comfortable for people who need them or their caregivers. They all go a long way in aiding a person with an active fall prevention plan (as created with their doctor) in implementing a system that involves preventing the loss of balance in the first place and/or a next level in the event of a fall where catching oneself (even steadying) can prevent injury. Assistive devices can really enhance your life and make getting around and doing basic tasks much easier and more enjoyable.

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