Wheelchair Accessory Product: Accuglide

Your loved one may be more-or-less confined to a wheelchair for getting around their home. This can create difficulties beyond the realms of mere ambulation. We carry an array of wheelchair accessory products that are designed to help ensure things go as smoothly as possible. We will focus here on the Accuglide, a multi-use mobility that can make life easier for your loved one:


  • a mobility aide for one-side (of the body) weakness or paralysis. Thought of as a transfer aide, an ambulation training device and a wheelchair accessory mobility tool. The Accuglide allows for arm/leg skate exercises, foot/hand security for the “pedal” using the the two surface types—Neoprene and nylon as a means of providing the type of usage a loved one seeks.
  • Accuglide reduces the surface friction that allows a one-sided significantly weak or paralyzed leg to glide safely and easily across any surface with the body while maintaining controlled traction. It helps to eliminate the stress of twisting that can cause injury to your patient’s vulnerable joints, when the foot catches on the floor during mobility—helping to protect your loved one’s back, reduce your workload—while assisting in the instant enhancement of mobility and reduce injury to the affected limb. This makes it a great tool for rehab settings and the home for those who your loved one daily.
  • Use the nylon side out when your loved one is wheelchair-bound to allow the injured or immobile foot to glide and slide along the floor. Or, if trying to increase general arm strength following a surgery, go Neoprene side out to increase resistance to the arm and enhance the exercise (start nylon side first, once beyond, go with Neoprene).
  • It is highly recommended that any home caregivers be professionally trained before use. If used during ambulation training, your loved one patient should use a walking assistive device with someone present—they should not transfer or try to ambulate on their own. This product is most appropriate for wheelchair-bound patients under care or operating independently to try and prevent injury. Accuglide is designed to be used by person’s suffering significant weakness or paralysis of one side of the body.
  • The product boasts a nylon out shell, Neoprene nylon liner and a velcro enclosure—all of which make it an easy fit. The design is breathable, thus is wearable all day. This product is a great wheelchair accessory that helps prevent further injury and doubles as a rehabilitation tool.

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